August 7th 2020

Magnificent ship – The Pelican of London – is coming into Folkestone Harbour on 4th August as part of the Darwin 200 project.

Jarvis Homes is teaming up with the Darwin 200 project to support one of the world’s most exciting conservation projects ever.

The Darwin 200 project is a global initiative, which aims to change the world by following in the footsteps of Darwin with the next 200 pioneers of global science and conservation. The Darwin 200 Leaders – aged between 18 and 24 will be given a life-changing experience which will empower them to change their lives and give them the skills they need to help conserve the world of tomorrow.

These young scientists will travel aboard The Pelican of London Ship which is a beautiful sail ship built in 1948 – now converted into a training lab. The scientists will come on board the ship in groups of 5 stopping at every port that Darwin voyaged in 200 years ago. The ship will start with a UK voyage – and Folkestone Harbour is one of it’s first Ports of call on 4th August.

These leaders will undergo an intense period of training by a group of world-renowned scientists and conservationists to measure the impact of change over the last 200 years.

Jarvis Homes, a local family run building company, is very proud to be involved with the project, further enhancing their own sustainability ethos in building their homes. Jarvis Homes has addressed it’s building approach in recent years to ensure they build as sustainably as possible, using locally sourced materials as much as possible and build using a traditional brick and block method. Their ecological programme is unrivalled with extra hedgehog highways, amphibian vernaculars, bird and bat boxes incorporated into every development. Jarvis Homes build low density developments and create fully landscaped green areas with planting at the forefront to accommodate and enhance the local wildlife.

Holly Jarvis from Jarvis Homes said “We are honoured to be involved with the Darwin 200 project and thrilled to see the ship in Folkestone Harbour – very close to one of our coastal developments. As a building company we take sustainability seriously, and try to use the most ecological methods and materials to build our homes. Our houses are always on low density sites with as much landscaping and planting as possible to support the local environment. The Darwin 200 project is an excellent global initiative to safeguard the next generation of conservation and we wish them luck with the project.”