Here at Jarvis Homes, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Before the first brick is laid, the environmental, social and economic impact of every new Jarvis home is measured and considered. Once we begin construction, we monitor and create nearby water sources, wildlife habitats and streams, working closely with the local community and the natural surroundings.

When a project is completed we leave behind a new community complete with energy efficient properties. Each home represents our commitment to considered, sustainable construction and greener living, right down to the last lick of paint. Your new home provides you with the first step towards living  a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle, leaving behind a positive ecological footprint.

Zero Waste

Jarvis Homes operates a zero waste and 0% landfill policy. All surplus or damaged materials used in construction are recycled in closed and  open-looped systems. The materials are hand sorted, up-cycled into quality materials and used across other developments. We pay particular attention to using sustainable materials wherever possible. 100% of our timber, from the doors to the window frames, are either PEFC or FSC certified which means it comes from entirely sustainable sources.

Reduced Plastic and VOCs

Jarvis Homes employed a reduced plastic ethos, long before the plastic debate hit the headlines. We use timber framed windows, and copper piping in our plumbing wherever possible. Jarvis Homes are constantly looking at ways to improve sustainability in our building process. We believe there is always room to improve and we are continually monitoring and looking at ways to enhance our environmental and ecological plans.

A Building You Can Breathe In

All of the internal decoration right from the very base coat of every inch of each house is painted in Earthborn paints that hold the prestigious EU Ecolabel and Virtually VOC Free label enabling peace of mind that your family can live and breathe in a healthier environment.

Energy Efficient

All of the cavity walls are built using Celcon blocks which make all our homes energy efficient. They are made from pulverised fuel ash (PFA), which is a by-product of coal fired power stations. The blocks are environmentally friendly which enhances their sustainability even further. We use recycled and reclaimed materials wherever possible so that we are constantly reducing the impact of our developments on the environment.