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Quality through the generations

For over 370 years the Jarvis family have been building individually crafted houses in and around the Ashford and Tenterden areas of Kent. Our new homes are of traditional construction using mainly brick and plaster to ensure a comfortable, easy to maintain home and a secure investment. We choose attractive locations for our developments and are designed to complement the local environment.

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Traditionally built, with sustainability in mind

Here at Jarvis Homes, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Before the first brick is laid, the environmental, social and economic impact of every new Jarvis home is measured and considered.

Once we begin construction, we monitor and create nearby water sources, wildlife habitats and streams, working closely with the local community and the natural surroundings.

When a project is completed we leave behind a new community complete with energy efficient properties. Each home represents our commitment to considered, sustainable construction and greener living, right down to the last lick of paint.

Your new home provides you with the first step towards living a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle, leaving behind a positive ecological footprint.

sustainable developments
sustainable developments
reduced plastic & VOCs
reduced plastic & VOCs
energy efficient homes
energy efficient homes
zero waste
zero waste


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